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The next Open Day at the clinic "Genome-Volga" will be held on November 17 at 17.00. The entrance is free! check in Specialists prepare new interesting presentations on the topic of IVF. They will talk about its features and benefits, the effectiveness of the method in patients of different age groups, the importance of the psychological mood, which significantly affects the effectiveness of IVF. How to correctly perceive failure and success, the psychological aspects of IVF pregnancy and life after birth, how to overcome internal contradictions when showing to IVF with donor material - this will be told by the psychologist of the clinic "Genome-Volga" Julia Evtyukhina.

How to improve the effectiveness of the protocol and why with indications for IVF can not be delayed - this is the report of reproductive expert Ksenia Tikhayeva. About new equipment for ICSI that will allow in vitro fertilization procedure under the advanced control, in which the influence of the human factor is almost excluded - this is the story of the director. Also, the urologist-andrologist, obstetrician-gynecologist will perform. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to the embryologist and, possibly, the new specialists of the clinic - neurologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist. Each participant will receive a certificate for a free reception - we will be glad to see you in the genome!

Registration form We can call: 8 (8442) 99-05-51, 99-52-69.

Most of them are barren men and women who are not particularly sick, they do not lie in hospitals, they do not complain about their health. Usually the anxiety about future children begins on an equal footing, like all girlfriends with tummies, someone already with strollers, and why I do not ...

December 8 in Volgograd will be an interdisciplinary conference "Discussion of reproductive issues." The venue of the event will be the Business Center "VolgaHall". Obstetricians-gynecologists, reproductive specialists, hematologists, endocrinologists, geneticists, students of medical universities are invited and everyone who is interested in learning about the latest achievements in the field of assisted reproductive technologies.

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